Honu: faq



1. What about warranty

If you buy iPhone that has already installed Honu housing directly from us, then we will cover iPhone warranty.


but If you install on your existing iPhone, you will lose all warranty related to iPhone, but still have Honu warranty.

2. What phones are compatible with HonuLine?

All iPhones

3. How will HONU help my phone?

With Honu housing you get extra battery life for 3 days without charging, wireless charging ability.

Second benefit that is important is battery isolation for cold weather - no more poor battery performance. 

4. What material is used?

Honu housing is made with 6061 aluminium and 3 vesion of cover

Black and White cover is made from toughten acrylic polymer that is resistant to scrathes.

bamboo wood cover is made from vertical glued bamboo wood that is shaped by CNC and then lacquered 7 times for maximum high shine in a workshop that manufacture and repair most exclusive musical instruments money can buy.

5. Why do it?

every component in product is made for certain period of time or number of reputation. after that it comes to anoying malfunction, like drained battery, crashed and abused housing, buttons malfunction or you just want something that looks different.

It also upgrade design and battery life up to 3 days on a single charge.

6. The Honu doesnt have speaker port, what to do?

We believe that bluetooth / wireless headphones will do the job far greater.

7. What do I need to do?

You have 3 options.

1) DIY: You can purchase Honu and install it yourself. In the package is everything you need to make the transformation (instructions, tools, housing, dock)

2) You can purchase Honu and let iPhone repair guys from iCracked Inc. make the transformation for you. They can come to you wherever and whenever you desire.

3) You can purchase upgraded iPhone that has Honu housing already installed (we cover iPhone warranty)

8. What are the Honu specification?

Size is slightly bigger from original 2mm in height and 7mm in depth. see picture below.

Battery is now almost 3000mAh, it's 2 times bigger.

Weight gain is 125grams because of battery.



1. Do I need to do it myself?

NO, as interior of Honu housing is exactly the same as the original, so every iPhone repair service will know what to do.

We advise you to use iCracked, they come to you, at your time and place. It will take them up to 30min to make the swap.


Or you can do yourself if you want, you get the instructions and all necessary tools for housing swap, or you can take Honu package and your iPhone to repair shop, which you can choose from our website, and they will make swap of housing for you.

it will take you up to 60min to swaping the housing

2. DIY: How do I make rebuild?

You will need to take everything from your old iPhone and put in into your new housing.

3. DIY: What to do if I need help, where?

I believe you will not need help, but in case you do, you can call us, or contact us by live chat, or by email.


Or you can take it to your nerest iPhone repair shop

4. DIY: What tools do I need and what do I get?

You get several tools in package, and this is all you will need, so you don't need any aditional tools, you will get everything.

5. DIY: Do I need something else?

You will need a roomy table and a good light or a bright space.

6. What is in the box?

In the box are all suplies that are needed for rebuild, box contains the following:

  • HONU housing
  • Opening tools
  • Suction cap
  • Screws
  • Screwdrivers
  • Tweezers
  • Magnifying glass
  • Knife
  • USB with instructions
  • Any optional spare parts (in case you ordered them)
7. DIY: Is it hard to do it?

DIY: It's not hard but it will take some time and focus.

8. DIY: What instructions do I get?

You get instructions on USB stick, in .PDF file nad instructional video in .avi, .mp4, .mpeg.

9. DIY: Is it dangerous to do it?

It is really not dangerous, but in certain cases you can pinch yourself.

10. What if I damage something in rebuild proces?

Everything can be replaced, but you will need to buy broken parts, and you can do it by our shop, because we guarantee for high quality replacements parts.

11. I have something broken on my old phone?

If you have something broken on your original phone, it won't work in your new phone, so you need to replace damaged parts by new one.



1. How do I make a purchase?

You can make a purchase on the internet with your credit card.

2. Where do I make a purchase?

You can make a purchase on our website store or you can contribute to our KICKSTARTER campaign.

3. How much does HONU costs?
  • Black glas 89 usd
  • White glass 89 usd
  • Bamboo wood 99 usd
4. Does price include VAT?

Yes, all prices include VAT.

5. Does price include shipping costs?

No, shipping costs are not included and it will be charged by DHL Express service.



1. Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do, we ship world wide (under DHL compliance).

2. Shipping costs for E.U.?

Shipping costs are 15eur for E.U. costumers.

We send by DHL Express mail, and you get tracking number.

3. Shipping costs for U.S.?

Shipping costs are 15usd for U.S. costumers.

We send by DHL Express mail, and you get tracking number.

4. What is return policy?

We offer 30-days mone back gaurantee.

5. How do i return it?

We really believe that you will love your HnuLine but in case something happensyou can return it and we will cover 100% refound of product costs if postmarked withiin 30 days.

6. How do I request refound?

To request refound you must contact costumer support at hi@honuline.com.

7. What are the requirements for successful refound?

The product can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment.

Please make sure to include all the accessories, in the original box, otherwise the product cannot be returned.

Return shipping costs are covered by the purchaser.

8. How do i cancel order?

You can cancel order in one day - 24 hours from acceptance order.

9. What is your warranty policy?

The Honu comes with a one year limited warranty.

10. What happen to the original Apple warranty if i make rebuild?

All warranty covered by Apple Inc. is lost due to illegal interference into the device.


Preorder info:

Leave us a contact and we will give you preorder date & price.


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