DIY : How to?

Proces of changing housings consist from 3 steps



prepare good working space



remove all parts from original housing



installing all parts into new HONU housing



preparation for you and workspace ...

YOU: be rested, make yourself comfortable, wash your hand, ware glasses if needed, prepare towel.

LIGHT: you will be dealing with smal parts so you will need good light condition 

TABLE: clean your table, no dust, food, garbage, etc..., you will need table with free space at least 100x50cm / 40x20inch

CHAIR: the process will take up to 90 min, so have a good working - comfortable chair

COMPUTER: have a computer next to you, so you can watch how to video as you working


Before you start working, watch HOW TO video and chapter 2 (disassembley) and 3 (assembly) at least two times.

So you will be familiar with the process.


organise your parts:

  1. you can print picture that is on your USB Stick that you received in the box:
  • put picture next to working space, and every part that you take out from original housing you place on the same palce on picture, so you will know from where did you take it
Download picture
  1. or after you open a display, you can take photo with tablet camera (iPad or similar) if you have, and place all taken parts and put them on the screen


Prepare your phone for disassembly:

  • clean it
  • save all data on computer
  • sync it with computer
  • if you have any delicate information, save it.

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