Honu is newly designed technologically improved housing for iPhone 5 5s, SE, 6 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, improvment was made on battery life, as Honu housing contain secundary battery that combined with original battery, which gives you battery life that lasts for 3 days in a row. The second improvment was made on the charging, we made it possible to charge wirelessly...

Main goal in developing a product was to create a new way we charge phone and eliminate whole proces of charging, and we succeed, but we need a charger that make this possible, so we create one, it is called Honu - WirelesCharger. What this charger allows is, that when you are at work station you can use phone and using it, and in the meantime it charges, so when you are using it, it charges, without you knowing it.

HONU is world's first costumizating program for iPhone foe who prefer to be different, and the best part in this upgrade in this is enourmous battery, it uses 2 original battery combined, and its sleek design hide the thicknes at phone.

lt is availible to all users at iPhone 5 or 5s to replace original housing tor HonuLine housing and gain 10 things.

with HONU housing you gain:
  • New shape
  • New materials: bamboo wood with finish 7 layers of lacquered
  • extra battery for up to 3 days without charging
  • wireless charging
  • wireless charging dock
    • charge your phone just by sliding it into dock
    • first stand that allow you to lift your phone with one hand
    • SideBySide display when working with computer (49% boost of productivity)





Preorder info:

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