Powerbank + iPhone = one device. 

We modified iPhone housing so we could integrate extra battery directly into the mobile phone.

No more accessories needed for longer battery life!


With just 2 hours of charging you can use your phone for 3 days and say goodbye to low battery anxiety.


Place your iPhone on the wireless charging dock twice a week and never cable-charge it again.


Prolong your battery life without compromising on style. You can choose your in black or white. 

Be on the move without interruption

Have you ever missed an important call or gotten lost because of no navigation?

With Honu your phone battery will last up to 3 days! Simply install it on your iPhone and never worry about your battery dying at an inappropriate time again.

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Not another accessory

Although its design is very sleek and modern, Honu is far more than just an accessory.

What makes Honu so special is also its bent shape, which makes Honu fit perfectly in your hand. The unique design gains space for the extra battery and wireless charging ability.

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Say goodbye to cable-charging

We developed a bonus wireless charging dock — once your Honu is installed on your phone, just slide it in the dock. Charge it for 2 hours and forget about your phone’s battery for 2-3 days!

Because the dock is stable enough you can even use your phone while charging and increase your productivity!

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Since I installed Honu on my phone I never have to worry about my phone battery anymore!

– Michael

Honu made my life so much easier! I can spend the whole weekend without having to charge it.

– Sophie

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