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Changing the look and adding extra battery to your iPhone

from: $79

“Powerbank integrated directly into mobile phone, simple but powerful solution.”

Honu: custom housing redesigned to accommodate extra battery


The only way to truly merge technology and design, was to rebuilt it from ground up.

Up to 3500 mAh

Up to 3 days of battery life on a single charge.

Intelligent Charging

You need to focus on your dreams and not on when will your phone die.

Charging Dock

Our charging dock is like having second computer behind the desk.

Available for:

iPhone 8 / 8 Plus

iPhone XR

iPhone X / X Plus

iPhone Xs / Xs Max

iPhone 11 / 11Pro / 11Pro Max



Silver Aluminum + White Glass
Based on iPhone 11 Pro

Dark Silver Aluminum + Black Glass
Based on iPhone Xr



Honu 8 is based on iPhone 8.


Honu Xr is based on iPhone Xr.


Honu 11 is based on iPhone 11.


Honu 11 Pro is based on iPhone 11 Pro.


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