Authenticity is everything!!!

Honu design embodies the perfect harmony of technology and aesthetics with making bigger volume for extra battery looks and feel smaller. Here function takes on a form and beauty of its own. The characteristic proportions of surfaces evoke the unfamiliar elegance and dynamics of phone even before turning it up.


Charge it once, use it twice…

Honu charging system is automated which means that sensors inside the Honu knows when to charge. Why is this important for you: because there are no extra buttons or control anywhere on the device. Because we believe that the last thing anybody of us need is another gadget to charge.


Having problems with battery that just dies when it is extremely cold?

With extra insulation you can record whole skiing line from top to bottom without worrying about battery to drop dead.




Stop using cheap protective cases…

With 1,6 millimeters wider sides we made structural integrity 25X harder to deform on impact.


Hate charging cables on the table and around bed?

With Honu we wanted to change charging as we know it. This is why we create wireless charging dock that enable to charge both batteries in less than 2 hours, but what is even better is that charging dock put iPhone in upward position so that allow users to have side by side display that make life a lot easier when you do not need to lift up your phone every time you get the notification, but when you get the call you just simply take your iPhone

What this charging dock allow is changing the way we charge mobile phones, as you don’t need concisely put phone to charging, but it will be done in the middle of using it.