All iPhones.

Honu housing will prolong battery life for 2 or 3 days without charging. Honu battery is isolated for cold weather, so you can also say goodbye to poor battery performance due to weather conditions.

Honu housing doesn’t come with a speaker port. You can use Bluetooth or wireless headphones. 

You have 2 options: 

1) The first option is DIY. You can purchase Honu and install it yourself. You will find all the tools you need in the package, along with the instructions, housing and charging dock. 

2) You can purchase Honu and let iPhone workers from iCracked Inc. install it for you. They can come to you wherever and whenever you desire. You can make an appointment here > https://www.iCracked.com/ <


You get all the tools you need in the box with your Honu. 

In the box are all the supplies that are needed to rebuild HONU housing:

You will find all instructions in the box, so we believe you won’t need any help. In case you do, you can contact us by live chat or by email. You can also find help in your nearest iPhone repair shop.

Everything can be replaced, but you will need to buy broken parts. 

If your original phone is broken, you have to replace the damaged parts before you install Honu on your phone. 


No, shipping costs are not included and will be charged by DHL Express service.

Yes, we ship worldwide (under DHL compliance).

Shipping costs are 15 euros for E.U. customers and 15 USD for U.S. customer. We use DHL Express mail. 

In case something happens, you can return your Honu within 30 days for a full refund of product costs. To request a refund, you should contact customer support at hi@honuline.com. Please make sure to include all the accessories in the original box, otherwise, the product cannot be returned. Return shipping costs are covered by the purchaser.

You can cancel your order in 24 hours from the acceptance.

The Honu has a one-year limited warranty. 

All warranty covered by Apple Inc. is lost due to interference in the device. On the other hand, with installing Honu on your phone you get a one-year warranty for the product.